Barter is Saving Me Hundreds of Thousands!

Why I’m All About NuBarter!

I was married June 21, 2008 and we only had to pay cash for about 10% of our wedding. I’m so happy to be married and to NOT go into debt for it.

My beautiful dress was purchased in trade through NuBarter from

The engagement and wedding rings came from NuBarter member, Harkleroad Jewelers in Savannah GA.

Coosh’s Bayou Rouge ( will be catering for the reception, paid NuBarter.

The flowers from the table displays to the boutonnières to the brides bouquet are comming from Flowers at Whitemarsh, paid in NuBarter

Our photographer, Bunny Ware, of Southern Events will be trading us her services through NuBarter as well.

The Honeymoon (which we haven’t decided exactly where yet) Will either go to Hilton Head SC, or Savannah GA – Or maybe both! But we’re trading for the hotels, restaurants, attractions tickets and shopping using NuBarter.

Wedding planning is one thing…now we have to combine two lives/households. He has two kids, I have two kids, we plan to have one together. Right now we have 4 acres with a 3/2 Mobile Home. NOT GOING TO WORK!

Our dream is to build a log cabin on our land…Just so happens that’s on trade too! No really, we just put $181,230.00 in barter dollars as a down payment on a $439,000.00 log cabin home. Mountain Creations is a barter member. Go see the Fox Chase model on their site to see our house.

Mountain Creations is just for the kit. We also have to have someone put it together, and get all the other materials we need for it. NuBarter is helping us there too! Ruffin Trading, a NuBarter member, sells building materials on trade. is where we will be acquiring a lot of supplies from for our GC.

For our appliances like hot water heater, lighting, bathtubs/sauna, stove, range, fridge, etc we’re going to trade with

Heath Allabaugh, HVAC, will be trading us for the work to put in our duct work, furnaces/air conditioner.

Your Plumber, will be plumbing the house for NuBarter dollars.

Premier Tree Service is clearing the land where the log cabin will sit. And getting site work complete for the basement to be poured.

Now we have to furnish the thing. Well when the time comes for that….we’re going to be using barter for it as well! There is so much furnature available on trade.

How do I have the trade to do this? We have a couple of retail stores. One brick and mortar in Tallahassee, and two online stores. We accept trade and actively promote our products and then spend our trade on what we need for our lives.

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